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Family Coalition Party, Speaks Out

Date: JUL-15-01
Source: by Guiseppe Gori, Leader
Keywords: fascism, religious extermination, spanking, political action
Comment: The Family Coalition Party suggests CAS motivation, and urges political involvement. (Note the addendum.)
Posted: JUL-16-01
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Family Coalition Party, leader's response:

Straight thoughts 75
July 15th, 2001

Unreported by the media, last Wednesday one more family has been "contacted" by the Children's Aid Society (CAS) in Aylmer, from the same group (Church of God) who admit of spanking their children (which is perfectly legal). The family has not wasted any time and has left the community. A pastor, last week, suggested this action, and even suggested to "leave the country", if the persecution was serious. Does it remind you of the German occupation in Poland in 1940? "They first came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did nothing... "

The CAS, an Ontario Government Agency, is acting legally in force of Bill 6 (A bill introduced last year by the PC government giving the power to the CAS to intervene if they think the environment is - in their opinion - "not suitable" for the children) and the Family & Children Services Act of Ontario section 45-8 (prohibiting the publication of information - such as names and photographs identifying the children abducted). The CAS has the "mandate" to investigate ALL leads and can harass a family on a pure hearsay. The police, of course, is obliged to help. The public is kept in the dark.

From several cases (two in Ottawa and two in Aylmer, that I know of), it seems that they are targeting Christian families. May be because (in their opinion) a family with more than two children cannot possibly function, or feed them properly, or keep the house clean. May be because they can obtain a higher number of children (and thus more money) in one scoop. May be because many Christians spank their children. May be because they want to wipe out "regressive" religions from society.

At the same time, the Globe on July 9th reported that nine children were given for adoption by the CAS to gay parents in Toronto alone.

It is obvious that none of the other political parties in Ontario is interested in changing the "interventionist" and immoral direction aiming at removing children from the influence of (Christian) parents - including physical abduction - with laws undermining the authority of parents, early childhood education, centralization of the school curriculum and centralized collection of education taxes, mandatory sex education, increasing the power of the CAS (Bill 6), removing fathers from families (Bill 117), divorce laws, laws re-defining the traditional family, laws supporting homosexual couples with public funds, removing parents from "health" decisions of their children, lowering the age for independence, consensual sex and sodomy, and too many "Acts" to mention.

Only the Family Coalition Party of Ontario has written principles mandating the protection of life, freedom and property of families. Are you going to wait until they come for your children and grandchildren... or are you going to help us?

Giuseppe Gori

Persecution of families must stop!

We need a team of people to call every family in the Beaches riding, where a by-election is going to be held in the Fall. Are you going to be part of the team?

Are you going to help to form a riding association in your area?

If you cannot help with your time, can you help financially?

You can check the Aylmer cases at:

P.S.: Do not forget on Monday July 16th, to listen to "Straight Talk" on Joy1250 (AM1250) at 1:00 p.m. Twenty seconds from the program: "Those who have become accustomed to destroying 'spare' embryos for research now think nothing of taking the next horrible step - creating human life for the purpose of destroying it. This grotesque practice is now supported only by private funds. If the government begins funding destructive embryo research, the same numbing of consciences will surely happen on a wider scale."


I have to make an addendum to Straight thoughts 75.

Two points.

One. The developments in Aylmer are so fast, that by the time I sent my message it was already obsolete. If you heard the news today, up to 100 women and children may have left the community out of fear that the CAS will take away their children. What else can they do?

We need to be careful not to attribute the CAS action to some "war against religion". The CAS's only way out of this situation is to demonstrate that they (the Church of God) is not your average family, but "Fundamentalist Christians who beat their children" so as to reassure the average Canadian family and attack fundamentalist Christians at the same time. Their strategy will probably be: "Divide and rule".

We need to unite on this issue, as an attack "on the family". This is pure tyrannical intervention and scare tactics on the family with the excuse of spanking, but without legal foundation (spanking is legal) and a "trial on intentions": children were removed NOT for spanking done, but for the possibility that it would be done in the future.

Would anyone be able to arrest a thief, or a murderer because he does not want to promise that he will not steal or murder again? The answer is NO. A confessed murderer, after serving his time in jail, could remain defiant, provided he does not threaten any recognizable person or group and it cannot be demonstrated that he poses a danger to the public in general. "Promising not to do it again" is not a condition for release. So the actions of the CAS (and the Judge's decision to let them keep the children) are appalling and should be denounced.

Two. I made the mistake of putting the famous quote "They first came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did nothing... " Just after the phrase "Does it remind you of the German occupation in Poland in 1940?" The two phrases were not related. I did not want to imply that the Polish people, who were invaded, are in any way at fault, when in fact they tried to help the Jews.

My intention here was twofold.

First remind you of the tactics used by the Germans in Poland, when targeting Jewish families, and how the Church of God community might see themselves equally targeted and persecuted by the Ontario Government and the Police.

Second, remind you of the very often quoted attitude of the majority of common German people, who perhaps could have rebelled against their own dictator, but did not. Are we different today? Or are we reacting with the same attitude: "It is not our community they violated... so I am going to do nothing".

Giuseppe Gori Leader@FamilyParty.ON.CA

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