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Date: MAR-08-03
Source: The Internet
Keywords: family rights groups
Comment: These sites are provided for your information. In some way each one is related to the subject of Children's Aid Society and the child protection industry. We do not necessarily endorse the positions taken by other advocates of family rights.
Posted: MAR-10-03
Resources Index

Canadian Family Advocacy Sites

Home School Legal Defense Association
Advocates for family and freedom.

Canadian Family Action Coalition
CFAC was founded in early 1997 with a vision to see Judeo-Christian moral principles restored in Canada. CFAC is a grassroots citizen's action organization that provides strategies, networking, training and tools to enable ordinary Canadians to influence their government.

Dufferin Voice Of Children Alliance (VOCA)
Dufferin VOCA aims to reform the Children's Aid Society of Dufferin County Ontario. This site contains, stories, articles, links and advice for reforming Children's Aid.

Christian Legal Fellowship
Christian Legal Network: Ruth Ross is a helpful source of lawyer referrals, and provides regular analysis of legal trends.

Vern Beck, Family Conflict Advocate, Mississauga, Ontario
Lots of information and experience resolving family conflicts, including divorce, child custody, and Children's Aid.

Focus on the Family Canada
Advocacy for a broad range of spiritual and social issues facing families.

Citizen Impact Canada Inc.
CIC is dedicated to equipping Canadians for the effective expression of Christian principles in the public square.

Centre for Cultural Renewal
This Article: "Protecting Parental Liberty in a Child-Centered Legal System"

Ontario Christian Home Educators' Connection
OCHEC is a provincial volunteer organization that seeks to connect, support, and equip all those involved in Home Education in the province of Ontario.

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is committed to making a positive contribution to this nation. We foster discussion on the application of biblical principles to contemporary issues. Bringing together Christians with expertise in a variety of areas, the EFC develops resources such as background and position papers, fact sheets, government submissions and forums.

The Spanking Issue

Spanking Law: Home School Legal Defense Association resources dealing with Section 43
Links to Section 43 Challenge ruling and documents.

Article on Ontario Section 43 Ruling
From anti-spanking site. Arcticle: "Ontario thwarts bid to quash spanking law; debate could hit Supreme Court "

"Formal" Corporal Punishment Facts Site
"CP by parents or guardians is likely to be covered in detail here only in the case of formal caning, paddling or spanking administered to a teenager.... We are concerned here with formal punishments for adults and youths..." An Anti Spanking Site
Learn what anti-spankers are saying.

U.S. Based Family Rights Advocacy Sites

Can the government take your children away?
U.S. based site. Lots of information and stories.Can the government take your children away? The state can forcibly remove your children from your home and place them in dangerous foster care for any reason, while they work to permanently terminate your parental rights. Think that it couldn't happen to you?

Fight Child Protective Services and Win
This website exists to address the needs of families who are having legal problems with the child welfare services industry due to unjust or false accusations, misrepresentations, mistakes of fact, or exaggerations of circumstance. I understand your heartache and grief if you have lost your children to a state foster facility, and the stress caused by not understanding the legal system.

Child Protective Services Hurting Families and Children
Vigilance and responsibility are the only safeguards of our families, of our liberties.Never have these duties been more urgent for us as citizens than today, with child-stealing agendas running rampant. The artillery that scares them most is not parents' fury, but our simple confidence and faith. Not lawsuits alone, but most of all, an informed citizenry. Not lone ranger bravado, but ordinary parents and patriots - workin' together. And most of all, they fear the truth. So tell it. Find a worthy ear to share with. Tell it straight. Tis worth the cost. End the cover-up. Hear the childrens' cry.

Family Rights Association
American Family Rights Association is the national association of children's, mothers, fathers, parents, family, justice, freedom advocates.

American Family Rights Association OPPOSES the insertion of the coercive power of government into the FAMILY. We oppose false allegations, malicious prosecution, anonymous reporters, and the denial of Civil Rights and Miranda Rights to the accused. We oppose the denial of Civil Rights to children, and government presumption that they know what is "In the best interest of the child", and anything government does to children is unquestionable. We oppose immunity and impunity of CPS Social Workers, law enforcement officers, and judges from being held accountable for deliberate wrong-doing and corruption.
Especially against fathers: "Child abuse brings out the best in us (the desire to protect our children) and the worst in us (the lynch mob)"

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