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FAS Vision Statement

Date: JUL-24-01
Source: FAS Board
Keywords: authority, responsibility, mobilization, reformation
Posted: JUL-25-01
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The Vision of the Family Aid Society is...

  1. to see family-authority respected in the care, training, education, and corporal punishment of children (corporal punishment is to be administered according to what is reasonable under the circumstances);

  2. to see people abandon the habit of passing off social responsibility to government agencies;

  3. to see the duty of neighbourly care and assistance promoted within communities;

  4. to see individuals, families and churches mobilized and connected to take active part in assisting troubled families;

  5. to see all parents instructed in the biblical philosophy and practice of child education and discipline;

  6. to see the quasi-judicial authority of the CAS (especially as extended through Bill 6) revoked, and to see the function of the CAS abolished and replaced by the responsible action of families, faith-communities, and voluntary charities;

  7. to see each area of government established by God take its proper role in society under the authority of the Lord, Jesus Christ:

    • Civil government is a ministry of punishment against violators of life, freedom or property.

    • Family government is a ministry of dominion for the accumulation and transfer of spiritual, intellectual and economic assets to the next generation of God-fearing people.

    • Church government is a ministry of the Word calling families into the kingdom of God, and directing individuals, families and the civil government in the lawful exercise of their authority.

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