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What You Should Know Before CAS Comes Knocking

Date: MAR-10-03
Source: Family Rights Association
Keywords: distrust, witnesses, self-incrimination, warrant, attorney, anger, evidence
Comment: This advice comes from a U.S. site, but much of it applies to the Canadian context. CPS stands for Child Protective Services which is roughly equivalent to the Children's Aid Society and Ontario's Family and Child Services.
Posted: MAR-10-03
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DO NOT spank your child in public. Avoid yelling and be careful about name calling (Like calling your child a “dummy”).

DO NOT do anything that could appear Sexual with children.

DO educate yourself on CPS rules and regulations. They violate their own rules and your constitutional rights regularly. DO educate yourself by reading all information available to you from Family Rights advocates sources available on the Internet.

DO NOT trust any CPS official, no matter how friendly they act. They are not your friends!

Be aware that CPS can take your children out of class, interrogate them, strip search them, photograph them, remove them from school, x-ray them, medicate them, place them in foster care or other state-run institutions, all without your knowledge, notification or consent.

DO file a written notice with all medical professionals that you or any member of our family have seen restricting them from discussing your medical history with anyone unless authorized by you in writing.

DO NOT let CPS case workers or police inside your house unless they have a warrant. If they insist on seeing your child call the child to the door or a window.

DO NOT open the door. DO tell them you will not talk to them without your attorney present, even if you don't have an attorney. ESPECIALLY do not relent when they threaten you! Demand your Constitutional Rights.

Do ask them if you are under arrest and free to leave. If not-SHUT UP! If so– absolutely shut up.

DO NOT GIVE CPS caseworkers or the police any information in defense of yourself. CPS will take anything you say and twist it to use against you. BE firm but polite and courteous at all times.

DO NOT allow CPS officials to provoke you. An angry response will be used against you. DO keep your composure at all times.

DO tape record or VIDEO TAPE all conversations with CPS officials or representatives when possible. If you do not have a tape recorder call a trusted friend to come over and be a witness. If possible, have one or more trusted friends present whenever you or your children speak with CPS officials or police. (In Canada it is legal to record phone conversations in which you are a participant.)

DO document all interviews, phone calls, events or altercations as thoroughly as possible. (Write things down as soon as possible after an interview or telephone call. You may have a legal right to record telephone calls. Do so if possible.)

Do locate and preserve any evidence corroborating your innocence. DO NOT rely on others to do this.

NOTE: This information is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice.

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