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Support the Appeal to challenge CAS' unjust intrusion into families. (April 4, 2003)

Response to Judge Schnall's March 3, 2003 ruling in the Aylmer case. (March 4, 2003)

VOTE! How to Make CAS Accountable
What strategy is most effective to stop unjust intervention in families by the Children's Aid Society (CAS)?
Petition the government.
Write Letters to the editor.
Join CAS and influence it from the inside.
Pray that God would remove all workers of iniquity. (Ps 92:9)
Support political parties and candidates.
Organize public demonstrations and protests.
Change public opinon by soliciting media coverage.
Sue the CAS for harassment and unjust intervention.

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The Family Aid Society (FAS) has been formed in response to the Children's Aid Society's failure to recognize family-authority to train and discipline children. (See FAS Vision Statement)

Many people are unaware of the seriousness of the Aylmer case and the track record of the CAS in similar cases. On this site we intend to expose the Children Aid Society's family abuse record.

The Children's Aid Society (CAS) must be dismantled because

  • its quasi-judicial power violates individual freedoms
  • it has a track record of family abuse
  • it operates on a false premise that government control and intervention will stop child abuse
  • it seeks to impose state morality contrary to God's morality
  • it wastes tax-payer money

But Who Will Protect Children Who Experience Real Physical Abuse?

The role performed by CAS is not essential. In fact, a better system to resolve child assault cases already exists with the Police and Courts.

We believe it is impossible in this sinful world to protect children completely from potential harm. Sometimes parents will abuse them, sometimes foster parents will abuse them and sometimes CAS workers will abuse them. Therefore, we acknowledge the wisdom of God in putting children under the primary jurisdiction of their parents (or legal guardian), unless criminal assault is proven in which case the police and courts should step in.

Consider the evidence...

The Aylmer Case is a well documented situation where police and CAS workers forcefully abducted seven happy, well-behaved children. Apparently, the parents refused to promise never to spank with a rod -- a discipline measure mandated in the Bible.

The claim that that there's a pattern of CAS unjustly entering the lives of good families is backed up by our CAS Stories page.

A number of Editorials and Letters offer analysis of CAS philosophy and its implication for all parents whether religious nor not.

Finally... GET INVOLVED!

Read the FAS Vision Statement and consider prayerfully whether you must join our mission. To find out what you can do send email to

Action Ideas:

  • Contact your elected officials regarding the problems with CAS.
  • Contact your friends and pastors and encourage their involvement.
  • Initiate fund-raising efforts in your circle of influence.
  • Identify media advisors and spokespeople in your area (hopefully people with experience in dealing with the media). Prepare news conferences, share materials with others.
  • Forward contact names of regional and provincial leaders of political, faith-based, or activist groups. Let's work together where possible.
  • Organize participants to attend demonstrations to show government officials that this issue matters to us.
  • Add you name to our email Contact List so we can provide you with timely information, including news and events bulletins.
  • Become a member of the Family Coalition Party of Ontario, the only provincial party with unchanging principles respecting the authority of families. Disclaimer: the FAS is not connected in any formal way with the FCP, although we share much common ideology.
  • Work with or develop a prayer network and pray that unjust rulers would be converted or replaced.

Don't abandon the freedoms our fathers fought bloody wars to gain.

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