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Index: Aylmer Case

Family Aid Society
Posting Title Date Keywords
Child-Protection Hearing - Statements and Appeal
MAR-27-03 abuse, corporal punishment, marks, Bible, rules, parent's rights
Family Aid Society Media Release
MAR-26-03 abuse, well-being, blame shifting, child's rights
FAS: Correcting Judge Schnall's Facts
MAR-25-03 discernment, distortions, lies,
TS: When spanking kids crosses the line
MAR-22-03 child abuse, spanking, section 43, parent's rights,
GM: The abuse of children is not negotiable
MAR-22-03 child protection, hitting, objects, traumatized
CAN: Judge affirms rights of kids in ruling on Aylmer
MAR-08-03 consitutional rights, child protection, spanking with objects, section 43
FAS: Judge Schnall Sets Negative Precedent for Family Rights
MAR-06-03 anti-family bias, charter rights violated, families at risk
LFP: Bailey set to leave Elgin child agency
JAN-25-03 public scrutiny, investigating powers enhanced
LFP: Agency evidence allowed in abuse court case
OCT-12-02 constitutional rights, legal rationale
NP: Judge backs CAS seizure of spanked children
OCT-12-02 unreasonable detention and seizure, evidence admissible in child-protection hearing
TS: Children's probes at risk, judge told
JUL-26-02 parent's rights, child protection, insufficient evidence
TS: Aid worker's actions backed in spanking case
JUL-26-02 abuse investigation, pandemonium, ill-advised, irresponsible
GM: Traumatized by whom?
JUL-26-02 loving parents, strap, disciplinary tool
GM: When the spanking gets out of hand
JUL-14-02 objects, Bibles, God's law, trauma
CBC: Second Ont. family faces spanking probe
JUL-14-02 Bible, use of objects, investigation, foster care
NP: Second family probed for spanking
JUL-14-02 CAS investigation, warrantless apprehension
NP: A thin line between abuse and discipline
JUL-14-02 spanking, objects, warrantless entry, unconstitutional
NP: Thou shalt not name the Pastor
JUL-04-02 child-welfare mindset, section 43, cross-examination
NP: Family's pastor takes the stand
JUL-04-02 fundamentalist, spanking, risk, scrutiny
TS: Rights of couple violated, court told
JUL-04-02 warrant, child-protection, immediate danger
TS: Ban lifted at spanking trial
JUL-04-02 free press, secrecy, public right to know, emotional harm
TS: Spanking trial bans removed
JUL-04-02 publication ban, Superior Court
TS: Publication ban lifted in spanking case
JUL-04-02 speculation, ban was unnecessary, unjustified, unsupportable and unconstitutional
TS: Spanking case judge talks on television
JUL-04-02 corporal punishment, publicity, pastor's testimony
TS: Religion can't trump rights of others
JUL-04-02 religious freedom, Human Rights Act, hitting child
TS: Spanking case pastor testifies
JUL-04-02 dragged kicking and screaming, supervision order
TS: Court hears pastor speak
JUL-04-02 supervisory order, publication ban
NP: Judge who demands silence speaks out
JUN-29-02 media ban
CBC: Judge says charter issues in Aylmer case are fascinating
JUN-29-02 spanking not the issue, publication ban
TS: Religious family believes in strap
JUN-29-02 trial evidence
NP: Reporting bans work like a charm
JUN-20-02 secrecy, constitutional rights, evidence, appeal
GM: Letter - Dogmatic authorities
JUN-19-02 fundamentalism, anti-spanking, young people
GM: Letter - Protect the children
JUN-19-02 abuse, children's rights, potential
GM: Corporal-punishment case given more court time
JUN-19-02 extended June 26-27, seize, Bible
TS: Discipline: Both parents testify
JUN-19-02 cross examination, father, publication ban appeal
TS: Children's mother takes stand
JUN-19-02 publication ban, appeal, evidence, trial extended
TS: Judge places further limits on reporting
JUN-19-02 muzzle media, ban reporter, innuendo and speculation
TS: Long history underlies spanking case
JUN-19-02 Mexico, education, religious freedom
NP: Spankings aren't children's worst fears
JUN-17-02 wooden spoon, disappointment, remorse, criminal code, OACAS
GM: The ban in question
JUN-16-02 publication ban, secrecy, justice, child protection
GM: Children of a greater god?
JUN-16-02 leather strap, love, discipline, secure, modest
NP: Teary-eyed child asked to go home
JUN-16-02 police and social workers interview polite children
NP: Mother's testimony key to family's fate
JUN-16-02 church migration, education of children, liberty, CAS membership
NP: Seven children, a clash of rights
JUN-14-02 parent's rights, search and seizure, reasonable grounds
LFP: Parents weep at Church of God hearing
JUN-14-02 videotape, distress
Coren: Anti-spanking zealots' motives questioned
JUN-14-02 spanking, abuse, parental care/love
NP: Parents urge media ban be lifted
JUN-13-02 publication ban, emotional harm, judge argues with reporter
NP: Best witnesses were not in court
JUN-08-02 Church of God children, singing, incompetent judge
NP: A publication ban that makes no sense
JUN-08-02 secret trials, public confidence, emotional harm
STTJ: Judge tightens gag order
JUN-08-02 publication ban, comtempt of court
GM: Publication bans upheld by Ontario judge
JUN-08-02 secrecy
GM: Sweeping ban issued in spanking trial
JUN-08-02 muzzle press, public curiosity
GM: Seized children defend faith, stir emotions
JUN-08-02 church at odds with liberal society, obey Bible
GM: Boy's taped interview shown in spanking trial
JUN-08-02 questioning, excessive physical discipline
LFP: Church softens stance on hitting kids
JUN-08-02 faith healing, discipline methods, public evidence
TS: New restrictions imposed on spanking trial reporting
JUN-08-02 emotional harm, media appeal publication ban
TS: Let the media in (letter)
JUN-08-02 fundamentalist, gag order, public scrutiny
TS: Child in spanking case talks of parents' love
JUN-08-02 parents' affection, supervision order, Brian Flint
TS: Media fight gag order at spanking trial
JUN-08-02 public scrutiny, emotional harm
TS: Caseworker testifies in spanking trial
JUN-08-02 constitutional rights, apprehension, interrogation
TS: Troubling media ban
JUN-08-02 constitutional right to open courts
NP: Video of son brings mother to tears
JUN-06-02 child training book, tenderness, discipline
CBC: Court sees videotape in Aylmer corporal punishment case
JUN-05-02 video tape evidence
NP: Media challenge publication ban
JUN-05-02 publication ban, appeal, evidence, children debate social workers
LFP: Child worker cross-examined
JUN-05-02 CAS investigation procedures, child protection
NP: Evidence on Children's Seizure
JUN-05-02 evidence, abduction
Is Judge Schnall Hopelessly Biased
JUN-03-02 corruption, unjust, legendary bias
NP: The grit of the children of the Church of God
JUN-05-02 intelligent children, social worker regulations
LFP: Media Paints Parents as Liars
JUN-03-02 diluting evidence, collecting evidence
NP: The Uncivilized Presiding Judge
JUN-03-02 contempt of court, judge late, irrational
STTJ: FACS says it has a right to intervene
JUN-03-02 seizure, protection, legal issues, reporting ban
LFP: Seizure trampled rights, church tells court
JUN-03-02 reporting ban, collecting evidence, legal issues
STTJ: Documents in St. Thomas, Ont., spanking trial found defective by judge
JUN-03-02 child protection, danger of abuse, evidence
NP: Judge might impose ban on reporting spanking trial
JUN-03-02 child seizure, child protection, publication ban
LFP: Publication ban ordered at Church of God hearing
JUN-03-02 corporal punishment, medical neglect
LFP: Church of God family's custody trial opens today
JUN-05-02 medical neglect, child protection, Aylmer case Chronology
LFP: The Aylmer Church of God's pastor fires another salvo...
JAN-25-03 jail, religious freedom, ungodly counsel, abuse of power
News Archive
JUL-21-01 Aylmer, spanking
The Facts: Globe and Mail
JUL-16-01 sin, spanking, CAS
JUL-16-01 family abuse, spanking, Mielke family, Aylmer case, families flee Canada

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