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Seniors' Publisher Sheds Tears

Date: JUL-16-01
Source: by Wally Moran, SeniorsPlus Newspaper
Keywords: tears, freedom, fear, fleeing
Comment: Seniors publisher moved to tears hearing about Aylmer kidnapping.
Posted: JUL-18-01
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Dear Fellow Canadians:

I am sitting here in my office with tears streaming down my face for our country. Who, in their most hellish nightmares, would ever have thought that anyone would feel the need to flee Canada for fear of persecution - especially religious persecution? Flee Canada? Canada? This is Canada, the beacon of freedom and understanding for the entire world. People fight, steal, lie, sometimes even die as they do anything they can to come to Canada - yet 26 mothers and 74 children have left Canada - because they are afraid that the state, as represented by the Children's Aid Society in Aylmer - is going to seize their children, take them away from their family. This is Canada? This is the country I was born in, grew up in, live in, believe in?

I only wish I could have died before I ever heard this news. Please someone - tell me this isn't true.

Wally Moran
SeniorsPlus Newspaper
Barrie, Ontario

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