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Domestic Chief is Appalled

Date: JUL-17-01
Source: Home School Mom
Keywords: Section 43, usurping authority, interrogations, action
Comment: Mother reacts to threat to her God-given authority.
Posted: JUL-18-01
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Dear Editor,

The Alymer child kidnapping case is alarming! Caring parents using reasonable discipline -- which is lawful under section 43 (3) of the Crimimal Code -- have had their children torn from their home by the Children's Aid Society. Under the Mike Harris government, the Children's Aid Society has been given power to commit such atrocities as this: entering happy homes, interrogating children, and making accusations -- all the while assuming parents to be guilty.

This incident is not about helping children, but about a monster state swallowing up our religious freedoms and usurping parent's authority in the home. Will we wait till it is OUR family that is attacked for not conforming to the governments agenda? This abduction should sound alarm bells in each of us -- and drive us to action.

Yours sincerely,

xxxxxxx xxxxx

Chief of Domestic Affairs
Centre for Dominion Training
xxxxxx, Ontario

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