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CAS Is Not Essential

Date: JUL-19-01
Source: Giuseppe Gori
Keywords: Bill 6, abuse of power, dismantle CAS
Comment: Let's revoke CAS quasi-judicial authority and restore it to the courts and police where it belongs. Let families and communities take responsibility to look out for the welfare of children.
Posted: JUL-22-01
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Disclaimer: "The following are only ideas for possible future policy, and are not approved by the Family Coalition Party policy committee, nor will they necessarily translate in official party policy. This document is included here only to share information and to prompt discussion".

Dear friends,

Sometimes we "assume" things the way they are without questioning. Government after government tries to "improve" on past legislation by patch work. The number of laws we have cannot fit anymore on a large wall shelf (or a 300MB disk). The point has come to call into question (reform) many government policies, from Healthcare (our biggest money black hole) to Education (from "parents are the educators of their children", we are now at the point where "parents have no say on the education of their children").

However, this message is about the CAS. The time has come (due to several reported cases of CAS abuse of power) to question its very existence.

Does the CAS need to exist?
In other countries and other times in Canada, the police was called to handle reports of abuse. The police has the legal power to intervene and it needs to be called anyway to exercise that power when the CAS "visits" a "suspect" home in order to remove the children.

The attitude (mandate as they understand) of the CAS is: "we need to investigate every case". This is prone to abuse on the rights of families. It assumes people guilty unless they prove themselves innocent. The current legislation (Bill 6) is flawed and should be repealed.

The needed work of voluntary associations has been taken over by the CAS, adding only impersonality to the process, where paid workers are not necessarily personally dedicated to working with families and children. I am convinced that voluntary and church associations can do a better job at the community level.

The fact that the CAS is "removed" from reality is not only demonstrated by their unnecessary intervention cases, but by those cases where the CAS was oblivious of real abuse.

How is it possible that nobody knew of the two brothers never allowed to leave their bed-cages for 14 years?

Wouldn't these cases be detected earlier by a local, community-based voluntary networks?

Aren't we all afraid to call the CAS, knowing the implications to the family?

Aren't we more likely to call the police, if we suspect abuse, as we trust their fairness?

Don't we feel that the police will not mess around unless they have some evidence?

Don't we have precise and tested legislation granting, and limiting the power of the police?

Why do we need an organization parallel to the police?

Of course it did not start that way, but it has become such: the Children's KGB.

It comes a time where too much of something is worse than nothing.

It is time to dismantle the CAS.

If you agree, please let us at the Family Coalition Party know and we will proceed accordingly.


On a related point, in order to further the traditional family causes, we need to fight on various fronts. As you probably know, I have started a radio program (on AM1250, Mondays at 1:00pm) almost two years ago. I can say things, as a radio host, that I cannot necessarily say as the leader of a political party. We NEED a media presence on the side of the family.

I have invested several thousand dollars of my own money and I have not yet found enough advertisers to support even a 15-minute-a-week program. (A 30s Ad costs about $50 per week). Can you people, who are outraged and incensed about the attacks on the family in Ontario, afford a small monthly donation towards "Straight Talk"? If I could afford it myself, I would not ask. If you want to help me, please go to: or answer this E-mail.

Thanks. Giuseppe Gori

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