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Is Judge Schnall Hopelessly Biased

Date: JUN-01-02
Source: Family Rights News Group
Keywords: corruption, unjust, legendary bias
Comment: If these allegations of judge Schnall's bias are true, the trial is merely a formality to further the CAS's agenda.
Posted: JUN-03-02
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Here is some information on Judge Schnall

Judge Schnall was in Goderich Court before moving south. While in the Goderich courts, her judgments were know to be consistently bad. She favored the CAS and presented anti-father and anti-family judgments.

Her judgments were so bad that receiving a bad judgments in the court from her was know as "being Schnalled". The local Goderich lawyers were very pleased to see her move to London. This comment was made to me by a crown attorney.

While in Goderich, during a case in which the CAS was sitting as an observer and where Judge Schnall ruled that although the CAS had settled their issues, the judge was retaining the CAS as part of the case, Judge Schnall ejected Tony Vorsteveld, (Box 1231 Clinton, Ontario, N0M 1L0) a men's advocate and the moderator of the local Clinton Men's advocacy group called Balance Beam. She permitted a woman from the women's shelter in Goderich to stay in the courtroom. Then, she ejected the lawyer, Phillip Cornish, 35 Ontario Street, Clinton 519-482-1434 from the courtroom as well. Judge Schnall suggested in her ruling that lawyer Philip Cornish would not honor his professional standards if he was in the court.

Judge Schnall is reported to have many complaints filed against her in the judicial council. When thrown from the courtroom Phillip Cornish informed Judge Schnall that he would be filing a complaint but I did not follow up on Lawyer Phillip Cornish's complaint to see what resulted.

I have been told by 4 separate lawyers on 4 separate occasions that Judge Schnall's rulings were improper and her bias was legendary in the Goderich courts.

I see that Judge Schnall is ruling in the "spanking" case in St. Thomas. This judge is very dangerous, especially in a closed court. Her judgments support radical feminism and she appears to use her position to promote an anti-father agenda. She should be disbarred and the courts must be opened to the public and the press.

There is more damage to children through closed courts than would ever happen if the community had access to the judge's decisions. Closed courts smell of corruption. Judge Schnall has proven she is unjust.

I spoke by telephone to an acquaintance of Rev. Hildebrandt today. She reported that Rev. Hildebrandt was charged with breaking the secrecy ruling in the case by creating a web site. He was found not guilty by court, then the judge created a ruling that denied Rev. Hildebrandt the freedom from publishing the fact that he had been ruled innocent of the charge. Here again is another judge who is clearly violating free speech and muzzling the Rev.'s right to clear his name from false allegations.

Clearly the courts are being used to assault citizens without cause and the court secrecy rulings are being used to shield the perpetrators of false allegations and slander.

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