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CBC: Judge says charter issues in Aylmer case are fascinating

Date: JUN-28-02
Source: CBC
Keywords: spanking not the issue, publication ban
Posted: JUN-29-02
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Judge says charter issues in Aylmer case are fascinating TORONTO Despite a sweeping publication ban, the judge presiding over a trial in St. Thomas has gone public about the significance of the case.

The case involves seven children taken from their home in Aylmer by child protection workers. The family belongs to the Church of God, a religious group that believes in the right of parents to physically discipline their children using a rod or switch.

Outside the courthouse Thursday, Justice Eleanor Schnall gave a brief interview to two video-journalists. Schnall told the reporters the case is not about spanking but raises important charter issues.

She added the issues surrounding a parent's right to discipline children are fascinating. Judge Schnall would not speculate on what might be in her final ruling, but she joked she is not known for brevity.

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