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TS: Spanking trial bans removed

Date: JUN-29-02
Source: The Toronto Star
Keywords: publication ban, Superior Court
Posted: JUL-04-02
Aylmer Case Index

Jun. 29, 2002. 12:53 AM

Spanking trial bans removed

An Ontario Superior Court Justice has lifted sweeping publication bans that prevented the public from hearing any testimony at a child protection hearing in St. Thomas, Ont.

Mr. Justice Thomas Granger ruled the media ban imposed by an Ontario court judge stood in the way of the public's right to know about the case in which seven children were taken by Family and Children's Services officials from a staunchly religious home in Aylmer last year. Lawyer Paul Schabas, who represented The Star and other media, successfully argued the ban was unjustified, Cal Millar reports on A18.

And beginning on page A19, Ontario reporter Kate Harries, who has covered the case from the beginning, tells the family's story as revealed so far in testimony.

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