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VOCA: Family Flees Dufferin CAS

Date: AUG-31-02
Source: Dufferin VOCA
Keywords: favourable court ruling needed
Posted: MAR-07-03
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Family flees Dufferin

August 31, 2002

A family has fled Dufferin in a desperate attempt to save itself from Children's Aid. An earlier version of our help page contained the paragraph:

Some parents adopt a cooperative approach to CAS, some the opposite. For families that have the means to hire lawyers, non-cooperation is the best choice. For others, either approach may work, depending on circumstances. We know of one family that has warded off the worst CAS abuses through cooperation. It is a religious family that will not separate under any conditions. Should you get in a court battle with only legal aid lawyers, your chances of keeping your family undamaged are small.

We regret to say that the family that warded off the worst CAS abuses is the same one that fled, and we now know of no family that has saved itself through cooperation with CAS. Consequently, our suggestion is now changed. Once CAS is in your life in any way, the only legal way to save your family is to get a favorable ruling from a judge.

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