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VOCA: Fifteen-year-old Girl Drugged

Date: OCT-22-02
Source: Dufferin VOCA
Keywords: drugs, restraint used to prevent family reunification
Posted: MAR-07-03
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Banner Salutes Foster Parents

October 22, 2002

The following article, and editorial, in the Orangeville Banner, salute two foster couples in Dufferin County. No contrary view appears anywhere in the article. It even characterized reunification with birth parents as a tragedy. One of these foster families took in the girl we identify as Sophie. The family viewed the foster home as a purgatory from which escape was required at all costs. Sophie ran away from the home, and had to be restrained with psychotropic drugs. ...

Sophie hospitalized

April 15, 2002

The girl we identified as Sophie is now hospitalized. CAS called Sophie's mother to report that the hospitalization occurred after her roommate in foster care shared marijuana with her. According to her mother, Sophie did not have a drug abuse problem before CAS intervened.

Girl drugged

March 25, 2002

A fifteen-year-old girl now in CAS custody has been drugged with prozac. (A teenager who wishes to return to his parents can only be kept in custody with physical or chemical control). In desperation, she has resorted to self-harm, and now has wounds from this activity. Her mother reports that she has been reduced to the mental acuity of a six-year-old. Since we cannot report the name of the child, we will refer to her in any future reports by the pseudonym of Sophie.

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