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Fall 2001: Parents lose children and face bankruptcy after 2 year court fight

Date: OCT-18-01
Source: Dufferin VOCA
Keywords: psychiatrist, adoption, ruling kept from parents
Posted: MAR-07-03
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Dufferin Family Loses Court Fight

October 18, 2001

A Dufferin family has been wrangling with Children's Aid for two years, including a full-blown trial, in an effort to save their children from adoption. Yesterday, relying on the testimony of psychiatrist Diane Benoit, the court took the children from the family, making them available for adoption. While legal grounds for appeal exist, they may never be heard, since the family has been driven to bankruptcy by the lengthy proceedings. In an extraordinary move, the parents are not allowed to have a copy of the judge's opinion. They can only view it with a lawyer looking over their shoulder.

The laws of Ontario, and respect for family privacy, prevent us from publishing the names of families involved in this, and most other cases. Journalists wishing to confirm the facts in this case, or any other mentioned on this website, may obtain full contact information by approaching us privately.

Call me, Robert T McQuaid, phone 519-942-0565, or email, or check the Dufferin VOCA website

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