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Date: JUL-16-01
Source: by Ryan Kidd
Keywords: family abuse, spanking, Mielke family, Aylmer case, families flee Canada
Comment: This page is an introduction to the Aylmer case including live links and a list of related web sites.
Posted: JUL-16-01
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It seems we've reached a point where families face a lot of abuse in Ontario, Canada, hence the Family Aid Society.

The Mielke family case from July 2000 involved separation of a family of nine children, and months of legal trouble based on a "dirty house."

More recently, on July 4, 2001, the "Children's Aid Society" (CAS) with the help of the police confiscated the children of a happy Church of God family becase the Christian parents would not promise to never spank their children. For details see the article by the Globe and Mail

Breaking News ... July 16, 2001 01:36:00

I just received this news update by phone from a friend who visited the Aylmer congregation this evening. Weight this information as you would honest 3rd-hand verbal communication:

Besides kidnapping the seven children of one family on July 4th, the Children's Aid Society was investigating another family. To avoid further risk of losing their children most families of this Church of God congregation decided to flee. So far 26 mothers and 74 children have fled to Germany [apparently it was speculation that they fled to Germany; the July 17th National Post says they fled to the United States and Mexico -ed], while the men continue their jobs here.

The National Post was investigating this story on July 15th, and it has been written up in the July 16th article 100 flee after kids seized: pastor

July 15th National Post coverage reads, "A court ruled last week that the children must remain in the custody of the children's Aid Society for now, but with supervised visits from their parents. The family is due back in court July 26." This is a ridiculously long time for a family to be legally separated over the "possibility of spanking." Officials seem impervious to the obvious abuse to this family by CAS, the courts and the police.

But the event of 26 exemplary Christian families fleeing can hardly be ignored by government and CAS officials. Let us pray that the news coverage will be accurate, and forceful. May God use these developments to highlight the severe injustice of the July 4th kidnapping, and to bring the original family back together.

Update ... July 19, 2001 00:50:00

The July 17th National Post story is rather disappointing. It suggests that the fact parents are fleeing is an admission of guilt. On the contrary, avoidance of oppression is an admission of state tyranny which says spanking is a crime.

The closing quote of the July 16th National Post article ( 100 flee after kids seized: pastor) reveals what is at stake: "The two sides in the debate - organized religion and society's interest in the safety of its children - will likely forever be at odds..." [emphasis added -ed] Most university-trained people believe collective society owns your children. So they want to impose their creed which says children are innocent; any bad things they do are the fault of their environment (i.e., "parental violence", etc.). However, the Bible gives parents the primary authority to discipline, train and mold children. Parents are duty-bound before God to drive inherent rebellion out of their children, using the rod with loving severity when necessary. The state must respect a broad freedom allowing the family to exercise "reasonable" discipline within its domain.

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Their young faces have been obscured for their protection, but through the blur, the looks of anguish are unmistakable.

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